Feb 1, 2012

My Favorite Moments from the Royal Rumble Match 2012

This year's Royal Rumble was one helluva way to start off the new year. Great matches aside from a few meh moments, but overall a great PPV.

5. Road Dogg
Seeing Road Dogg enter with so much energy after all these years was something to behold. The Road Dogg has aged a bit, but you can clearly see he's still go it. Also seeing him do the Suck It brought back a memories of DX, the New Age Outlawz, and that whole Attitude Era. It was great seeing one of the legends put on a show.

4. Kharma
Seeing her enter as a contestant was a huge surprise, but Micheal Cole's reaction was even more of a surprise. He was so scared, in fact, that he voluntarily stepped out of the ring. After that, Dolph Ziggler yelled at her to get out of the ring, and Kharma don't take crap from nobody. She proceeded to powerbomb him with so much ease, she made Ziggler look like an anorexic school girl.

3. Snake vs. Mr. Socko
I think I'm in the minority when I say I'm a bit of a Santino fan. I think he adds a comic relief to a sport(?) that at times, can take it's self way too serious at times. I also think his snake finisher is one of the stupidest, yet most entertaining finishers in today's WWE.
So when I saw Mick Foly pull out Mr. Socko, and Santino pull out his snake (That has to be the dirtiest sentence I've ever typed). I was literally laughing out loud at my screen. Yeah, it was obvious, but who cares, as long as its entertaining.

2. Kofi Kingston's handstand
I don't know how to explain how blown away I was by Kofi's refusal to be eliminated by reverting to a handstand, but I was. When I saw Miz try to throw Kofi out, I thought okay this might end up being like what Shawn Micheals did in Royal Rumble '95 with having only one foot touch the ground. But then out of nowhere, he does a handstand, and handstands his way to the steel stairs. Not only was he still in the Rumble match, the whole crowd just went bananas.

1. Ricardo Rodriguez
When Albert Del Rio's music first played, I thought "Wow, it's been a while since I've seen this guy." But instead we got his personal ring announcer Ricard Rodriguez. He comes out driving this shitty looking car. I think it was a Datsun or DeLorean, I'm not exactly sure. He was also sporting these white wrestling trunks which looked more like an adult diaper or a pair of tightie whities. What I'm really trying to say is, IT WAS AWESOME.

via [I Love Wrestling Gifs]

When he entered the ring, him and Santino did this stupid cart wheely thing that ended with Ricardo being slingshot to the turnbuckle. It's hard to explain, but I just couldn't stop laughing after seeing that.

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